The Department of Spanish Language and Literature of the School of Philosophy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, was founded in 2009 (P.D.157). The department aims in a) the development of independent, critical thinking ability and interest for continuous research and education, and b) the education of new scientists able to face the requirements of continuously evolving present societies.

The program focuses specifically, in the study of language, linguistics, literature and civilization of Spain and Latin America. The program offers its students the ability to:

  • understand the structure and function of Spanish language,
  • use the Spanish language in education/teaching and other scientific areas
  • study the literature and civilization of Spain and Latin America,
  • develop basic research abilities in the areas of language/linguistics/translation and literature/civilization and use of scientific methodology,
  • acquire high standard knowledge and teaching ability of Spanish language, in order to facilitate his/her career.